How to decorate your home with amazing storage ideas

How to decorate your home with amazing storage ideas

Living in a small apartment shouldn’t mean living with clutter. With the right ideas, it’s possible to declutter all your rooms and live small and fresh. Visual disarray in your small room can make you stressed and disorganized. Bring back the much-needed harmony in your home with these clever storage ideas. On top of bringing harmony, they will increase your home’s value.

Substitute scarce closet space

Many small apartments and homes don’t have ample closet space, making entryway storage particularly challenging. Substitute the scarce storage at your front door with open shelves and hooks to create a drop-zone. You can then use baskets or bins on the shelving to sort belongings according to type or owner.

Conceal your storage

Not all items should be seen by guests. Go for a hidden storage solution to maintain a cleaner look, and keep some items out of sight and still accessible. Under the staircase closet is a good example of hidden storage.

Nooks are important; don’t ignore them

Shelves don’t have to take up expansive horizontal or vertical space to be useful. Even in small spaces. Shelves can still meet your storage needs sufficiently. Open shelving on a narrow kitchen nook, for example, can provide ample storage and easy access for cooking essentials and dishes that are used frequently.

Keep things off the floor

A cluttered floor can be a mess in a small room, but you can keep your rooms clean and calm with the right storage solutions. Mount small modular wooden cubes on walls for open storage. Open storage doesn’t need clearance space around the unit for door opening, making them functional for small spaces.

Count on multiple-use furniture

Double-duty furniture pieces are a perfect fit for small spaces. For example, curving a home office out of a small apartment can be difficult, but bookcases and shelves placed strategically in the room can serve as storage and desk space.

Scale down shelves

Big furniture pieces aren’t welcome in tiny rooms and particularly small bathrooms. You should instead look for sized-down pieces that are unique and still offer sufficient storage space. For example, tiny open shelves in the bathroom can offer enough space for toiletries and towels.

Dealing with clutter in small spaces is a real challenge. But the right storage solutions like the Type01 Plywood Wall Storage by Tylko will help you manage: